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Working to re-establish government by, of
and for the people!

Words of Welcome from Eduard Hiebert

Dear Visitor & Guest:

And a special welcome to the citizens of Kildonan St. Paul!

Along the community minded path of re-establishing government by, of and for the people, I find there are only two possible paths that one can take regarding our use of political power.

One well known and widely used path in the exercise of political power, may be described as the "pecking order".  "Kick-down" and "kiss-up" may describe the opposite faces of the same coin.  Along this path, the face that is seen and felt is based strictly on the perceived power differential between the parties, where the jump from one to the other can come with the snap of a finger.  For an example follow the link.

The use of language in Martin Buber's "I and Thou" helps define both paths, as well as readily differentiate one from the other.  Applying Buber's metaphor, the pecking order is defined by "Subject-Object" relationships while the only other available path is defined as being "Subject-Subject".

The latter path, regardless of the size, colour or age of our hat is defined by a relationship that is egalitarian.  A meeting along the path that builds community, invariably starts with gatherings as little as 2 or 3... Individuals or as large as 2 or 3... Communities of Communities. Participation and growth comes from knowing one another and this contact bearing fruit and multiplying through further contacts, two or three at a time.  If its meant to be, it may spread like a prairie grass fire and quickly become unstoppable, or it may flicker for generations before conditions are right. 

For its application and use in this election, please come back in a few days.  In the mean time, please stay and see what is already available.

Your Independent candidate, the one with a democratic difference,

Eduard Hiebert

Martin/Alcock privatizing the Wheat Board

Paul Martin's wheat minister Reg Alcock paying lip service to farmers and the wheat board while killing the board with the proverbial "death by a 1000 cuts".  Click here for more.

Alcock's & Porozni panel's lop-side list of organizations invited to make presentations

I said this on the record before the panel released its findings and say so now with even greater, condemnation, this entire process was designed to push the CWB as far as Alcock could towards privatization without being perceived publicly as being hostile to the CWB.  And this from the Minister of the CWB!  Click here for more.

Conservative Steven Harper cutting up Canada

In so doing, he effectively created barriers even to the Liberal's attempts to clean up what later became the "sponsorship" scandal, a name likely chosen by Harper and his ilk in order not to draw attention to Mulroney's patronage, after all, what is the difference between patronage and the sponsorship scandal?  Click here for more.

Deep Integration via back door of Agriculture through bill C-27

Bill C-27 is Step 2 of a 3-step plan to restructure Canada’s food and agriculture regulations. Step 1 was the creation of the CFIA. Step 2 consolidates the CFIA’s regulatory power under one Act. Step 3 will not come before Parliament, as it will be the establishment of new regulations, which are passed by Order in Council without public debate.  Click here for more.

Links to all Kildonan-St Paul candidates

From Conservative Mulroney forward, including the Chretien/Martin Liberals, the big business tax share has dropped like a rock whiled through down-sizing government and “free trade agreements” much of Canada’s economy is being privatized, leaving citizens with a higher tax share and fewer public dollars for health-care, education, roads!  Click here for more.

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