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Messages of Support & Thanks

Clint Nicol, Manitoba farmer, business person and 2004 Brandon-Souris Conservative nomination candidate

Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I believe Ed Hiebert is a man who strives for integrity and fairness at all
government levels and will always fight to promote it. 

Clint Nicol

Andrew Warren, responding to leaflet

Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dear Eduard:

You have my vote. I just received your flyer in the mail today and have spent about an hour reading parts of your website. I don't have a lot of hope that you will get elected this time but you seem to stand for the same things I think are important... mainly that our voting system is fundamentally flawed. Proportional representation is a step in the right direction, but I agree with you that preferential voting is a bigger step in the right direction. I would love to meet with you someday and discuss your ideas on democracy. For now, I am swamped with trying to stay employed.  I have a deep interest in the subjects you have written about in your website. Thank your for running in this election. You are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise depressing political landscape.


Andrew Warren
Knowles Avenue

PS  I have started sending e-mails to my friends who live in our riding. I sent 6 last night between midnight and one in the morning! I like your analogy about prairie wildfire. I'm going to light as many blades as I can. 

Thanks again for 'handing out the matches'.

God bless you.

Voice message from Jack Layton

Click here for a wav file

Voice message from Hugh Murray, an NDP member whose voice insiders all the way up to the Premiers office have endorsed

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Concerned Citizen - The conservatives have again played foul in this election in Selkirk Interlake!

This reminded me that Conservative leader Stephen Harper said he would:

    -    Build a fire-wall around Alberta
    -    Make the Canadian Wheat Board Voluntary*
    -    Canada should have sent troops to Iraq and
    -    Canada is a third-world country

Concerned Citizen

(Editorial note:  Making wheat board "voluntary" is corporate-friendly code to kill the wheat board by "choice" and is the equivalent of  letting union members take jobs for less than union rates thereby gutting the floor price for all.)

Interlake Conservatives are at it again

January 18th, 2006

Selkirk - Selkirk-Interlake NDP candidate Ed Schreyer is outraged by the latest attempt on the part of the Interlake Conservatives to mislead voters about his position on Bill C-68.


"It's shocking to me the extent they are willing to go to misrepresent my position and undermine my campaign. Distributing a flyer made to look like it came from the NDP is not just dishonest, it's the lowest order of political fraud" Schreyer said.

In a deliberate attempt to mislead and confuse voters, the Conservative campaign released a flyer in selected regions of the Selkirk-Interlake riding. The orange coloured NDP look alike flyer has a picture of Jack Layton, a simulation of the NDP word mark on the front and headlines written in the first person. The flyer's text misrepresents Ed Schreyer's position on Bill C-68. "I've been very clear that I do not support this legislation. I believe that it is totally unnecessary and fails to reflect the differences between rural Canada and downtown Toronto" said Schreyer.

Schreyer said that he is disappointed that the local race has taken this turn. "We took James Bezan at his word, when he said during the Lundar debate that the Conservative's would run a clean campaign. It's quite disappointing that the Interlake Conservatives haven't learned from their past mistakes" Schreyer said referring to the 1995 vote rigging scandal and the 1999 smear of MLA Tom Nevakshonoff.

In 1995 the Conservatives engineered a vote rigging scheme in the Interlake that resulted in charges being laid and a public inquiry that identified high ranking Conservatives as the perpetrators. During the 1999 provincial election campaign it was revealed that Conservative campaign organizers attempted to propagate fraudulent claims about NDP candidate Tom Nevakshonoff by faxing doctored police records to the Liberal campaign office.

Mr. Schreyer, who shocked the province by confronting and challenging the Conservative smear tactics story during the 1999 Provincial election, and which culminated in a 10 thousands dollar fine be levied against and paid by a conservative campaign activist. Mr. Schreyer will be available to comment on this latest Conservative deception.


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