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Alcock's & Porozni panel's lop-side list of organisations invited to make presentations

Below is the actual email received from Reg Alcock's Canadian Wheat Board Electoral Review Panel's facilitator JP Lewis and provides the list of organisations the panel invited to appear before them.

----- Original Message -----
From: <Jon Paul Lewis>
To:  <Eduard Hiebert>
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 8:34 AM
Subject: Invitation List

Good Day Mr. Hiebert,

Here is the list of organizations/groups that were sent written invitations:

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association
National Farmers Union
Western Barley Growers Association
Grain Growers of Canada
Keystone Agricultural Producers
Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan
Wild Rose Agricultural Producers
B.C. Grain Producers Association
National Citizens Coalition
Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan
Alberta Grain Commission
Alberta Barley Commission
Alberta Winter Wheat Producers Commission

JP Lewis

Below, is the same list in alphabetical order including my own further editorial comments. Please note, JP Lewis inadvertently left off SARM from the list but verbally advised they in fact did also receive an invite, which SARM confirmed to me by peociding fax copy of their snail mail letter.

Listed in alphabetical order:

Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan
*Alberta Barley Commission
*Alberta Grain Commission
*Alberta Winter Wheat Producers Commission
*B.C. Grain Producers Association
*Grain Growers of Canada  (GGC) The national body
Keystone Agricultural Producers
*National Citizens Coalition  (NCC is no farm organisation!  See Stephen Harper, its former president)
National Farmers Union  (NFU)
Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM)
*Western Barley Growers Association
*Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association
Wild Rose Agricultural Producers (WRAP)

*  All wheat grower type organisations promoting "choice" which as the effect of destroying the CWB single desk advantage.  Of these that appeared before the panel, all advocated the adoption of the weighted ballot.

The wheat grower types are not representative of the mainstream majority of farmers and farm organisations.  Nor is NCC even one!  Yet more legitimate farm organisations like CFA (Cdn Federation of Agriculture), the producer owned loading facilities who have a direct stake in the CWB, including producer owned prairie terminals were not invited!


I have a selection of copies of actual letters sent by the panel members to the above list.  Certainly some, likely all of the asterisked organisations received invitation via a FAX, dated and faxed on July 28!

The last three organisations without an asterisk, NFU, SARM and WRAP received a SNAIL MAIL invitation dated August 8 and received August 10-12 (Wed-Fri)!

Notwithstanding the public advertising, the governments own Panel related website only opened up on August 8 and did not detail who to contact and how, in order to arrange an appointment before the panel.  Among the above list, including the Wheat Growers received allotted times yet on Friday August 12 a high ranking government official could not tell me how or where to call in order to receive a time slot!  The actual three days of hearings began on Monday August 15! Hardly any time in a very pressing harvest time for farmers to prepare and appear at meeting places designed to accommodate detractor organisations and make access to farmers more difficult by conducting meetings in the heart of downtown in the few major urban centres that do exist on the prairies. 

To state the obvious and remove all doubt that the import of this is not missed, the list of invites is a "weighted list" - an entirely unbalanced and unrepresented list.  Who had inside knowledge on how to get to the panel is another "weighted process".

In short a weighted panel extending a weighted invite list along with a weighted process (who & when invited, 10 minute presentations regardless of merit....) can only and predictably lead to a weighted outcome.

I said this on the record before the panel released its findings and say so now with even greater, condemnation, this entire process was designed to push the CWB as far as Alcock could towards privatisation without being perceived publicly as being hostile to the CWB.  And this from the Minister of the CWB!

Sincerely, and on the record,

Eduard Hiebert


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