Eduard Hiebert

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Please note this address will change without notice.

Bio" of Eduard Hiebert as submitted within the 2007 MCGA nomination process and within the strict 150 word limit rule.  MCGA however has not distributed this information.

Dear Fellow Farmer:

The wealth we generate yearly, greases the entire ag-industry, yet ever more costs and risks are off-loaded as "hands-in-our-pockets"...!

Eduard tackling hands-in-our-pockets:


  • Spear-headed Manitoba telephone modernisation, eliminating party-lines and long-distance to neighbours.  Now fax/internet possible!

  • When purple-fuel over-priced, pressed Pawley government into farm-dyeing clear fuels!

  • Exposed WCE's hands-in-our-pockets when farm deliveries frozen-out!  MCGA appointed me as director - then refused to act!

  • Led MCGA into democratic accountability.  Now distinguished as first elected director (2000)!  Last director appointed!!!

Farmers are the path from gate-to-plate!  New MCGA direction can reduce the hands-in-our-pockets !

  • The $20-$30-$40-$60+ Canola basis banished forever...

  • Seek alternative markets.  FOB $Australia $633!

  • Support farmer-saved-seeds...!

  • Improve MCGA elections, reduce costs $30-50,000!

Participatory democracy is hands-in-our-pockets pest-control! Towards prosperity, more info, please call/write or surf.

Please vote Eduard Hiebert...  Then find 90% of your neighbours who never voted...


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