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Introductory words by Eduard

In order of the three topics:

the intended focus of material among the three topics will be divided along the lines whether the material

  1. exposes and provides examples of the form of Trojan Horses used by the corporatists to expropriate (privatize) publicly held assets into private ownership, (frequently at little or no cost to the new owners). (See Corporatism - Usurping Democracy)
  2. provides a model by which citizens are able to resist or challenge the privatization of public assets, (See Reigning in the Corporations) and
  3. provides examples by which individuals and communities are empowered to build and multiply sustainable community values to the full benefit of the wider commons inclusive of Planet Earth.  In short examples of "thinking global, acting local"!  (See "To Know:" Fostering & Multiplying Community)

Many of these articles are quite substantial in depth and length.  Regarding some, I have selectively pulled out specific phrases which I found to be either key to the material or a novel way to make the point.  These notes simply highlight some of the content I found of interest.  Please note further, these notes are not intended to be an abridgement of the articles, subject to your discretion, are simply provided for your possible convenience. Where available, these notes will be identified as Key Notes & Phrases with a further link to the full article.

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