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2006 Federal election outcome in all 308 voting districts


The data comes from Elections Canada as of Tuesday morning January 24, 2006 per this external link

I have rearranged the data and added 3 further columns so that for each candidate, the provincial postal code is added, the electoral rank of each candidate as in:
     1.1 =  elected
     1.2 =  runner up, etc.

And, based on the plurality of the elected candidate,  all 308 ridings are ranked from the highest to the lowest.

The start up sort pattern is achieved by sorting first on the candidate rank column and then the rank of the elected candidates plurality in relation to all other ridings from highest to lowest.

I have also colour coded all 1.1 entries in black for easy identification of those candidates who were elected.  I also added some common colour codings to identify the candidate's party status, including the Independents.

Eduard Hiebert

2006 Election results csv version

2006 Election results xls version



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