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The following letter was submitted bases the Cooperator's invitation to submit a letter

November 1, 2004 A.D.

Dear Manitoba Cooperator Editor:

As a candidate for CWB Director in District 10, I want to thank the Cooperator for its policy of inviting letters from all the candidates, not just those in line with editorial policy.  I commend the Cooperator for this renewed vision of fairness and balance!

If elected to the CWB I would continue my record of exposing and successfully tackling industry, government, and any other policies that are detrimental to farmers.  I have done so as a farmer and as a private citizen.  My track record of speaking truth to power, kindly but firmly, even on unpopular issues  sets me apart from all the other candidates.  I will not "go along to get along."  I believe my record shows  voters that I am the  clear choice for  responsibly delivering  stewardship of the CWB powers in the interests  "of, by and for" the farmer.

These are hard farming times (BSE, wide canola basis, high Fusarium discount until the CWB started a special program...).  To support the trans-national agri-business giants' soaring profit levels, their first order of business is to buy ever lower from farmers and sell ever higher to consumers.  No farmer need be "a rocket scientist" or "trade analyst" to see why these corporations cry the CWB is a "trade irritant." Too many  government and farmer leaders, including CWB candidates, are willing to trade the CWB farmer advantage away at the WTO, by going along with the lie that the CWB is "trade distorting".  They all concede the CWB gets farmers premium prices.  If that is trade distorting, I want more of it!

Finally, the CWB preferential ballot system allows farmers to rank all candidates beginning with the most able to defend farmers interests and least likely to "to go along to get along" (with these politicians and corporations)  without risking vote splitting!


Eduard Hiebert


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