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During the 2004 CWB election period, this page will focus on providing further details regarding Eduard's election platform as provided in the biography that was included with the ballots

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Regarding the platform statement:
Defend against unwarranted foreign trade actions and domestic government's readiness to trade off the Board and eliminate CWB price guarantees.

I am very concerned how many of our government representatives and farm leaders are advocating in one way or another that the WTO negotiations are a done deal and that we must "go along to get along".

The publicly stated goal of these negotiations is to reduce trade subsidies. To show to the world that Canadians were serious about this, not so many years ago, the Liberals sacked the entire Crow benefit, when only a very small part of it was actually "trade distorting" and that that part could have been fixed had the government not been so willing to fight the national deficit on the backs of farmers.

As farmers, it is in our best interests to know first hand what our government representatives and farm leaders are advocating and agreeing to on our behalf.  The July 2004 Cancun WTO accord (link will open into a new window) may easily be understood, based on an excellent analyses coming from Devinder Sharma of India, as was referenced in my letter published in large part by the Farmers Independent Weekly.

Regarding the platform statement:
Eliminate bureaucracy and reduce costs in CWB's privatized elections while adding basic and fundamental democratic disciplines over a wide range of issues.  Revising election rules so that only farmers selling grain via the Board may vote.

In this election as in previous ones, CWB farmers will be paying for the services that election coordinator, MNP provides regarding the conduct of these elections.  Part of service paid for by farmers will include MNP "hosting" two all candidate forums, times and locations chosen by MNP, so the candidate information proclaims.  I would encourage you to review the map of District 10 (link will open into a new window) and ask yourself whether Killarney and Portage as the two places chosen by MNP together are a good locations that the majority of CWB voters would find fair and reasonable, or whether these two locations suggest the possibility that other factors ruled the day.  If so, what might those factors be?  And how come none of the other candidates are prepared to question the selection of these two locations?  Please stay tuned...

Further and other platform information will be released in the coming days. Please come by again.


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